Overcome Fear of Flying With Hypnosis


At the Advanced Hypnosis Center we have a comprehensive understanding of the full complexity of the fear of flying.  Most people think that fear of flying just involves the fear you will be in a crash and be seriously injured or killed. Actually, many cases of anxiety while flying is often much more complicated than this simplistic understanding.

Fear of flying often involves feelings of confinement/claustrophobia, being in an enclosed area that you cannot be freed from. Another important aspect of fear of flying is the feeling of the loss of control, and being totally dependent on others for your safety. With hypnosis, your hypnotist will help you change any of your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, about all these aspects of flying to more positive and worthwhile ones. You will have more rational beliefs about your actual concerns about flying. The dangers in driving would not keep you from driving in a car, and in the same way, flying will be experienced as no more dangerous than taking a drive.

Any turbulence, which most flyers often are anxious about, will be experienced by you as all part of a great adventure, like skiing down a steep mountain run, or rafting through dangerous rapids in a gloriously beautiful river. You will be excited with your trip, just as you would be on a thrill ride at an amusement park, as you remain fully confident.

Rather than ruminating over the rare accident, you will think of all those flying frequently arriving safely at their destination all the time. In general, you will no longer be the frightened, but will become a courageous flyer.

Read the Martha Stewart Living’s HEALTHY LIVING, article, “Mind Over Matter” that features our hypnotherapist, Jeffrey Rose on holistic ways to say goodbye to in-flight anxiety.

Please call Bergen County Advanced Hypnosis Center at 551-252-4904 to book a hypnosis session for fear of flying with our caring hypnotist so you can enjoy your new freedom to travel calmly and confident. You will look at your flight as an opportunity to relax and let others take care of everything, as you catch up on movies you, or that book you wanted to read. Contact us today.

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