Hypnosis for Emotional Eating-Stress in Bergen County NJ


The unhealthy behavior of using food to resolve negative feelings are all too common for many people. Fortunately, through hypnotherapy you can eliminate emotional eating in two ways.

First, your Clinical Hypnotist and Nutritionist, Jeffrey Rose will guide you to resolve the root cause of your emotional eating. You will be able to deal directly with your emotional overeating, whether it is stress, unhappiness or loneliness. Second, when you do experience a new life challenge, you will be able to choose more constructive ways to deal with it, instead of reaching for the food.

For example, when experiencing stress, you will no longer reach for food, but will choose other ways to eliminate your negative experiences. You might go for a walk, a run, or workout. you will find yourself being propelled along a new path, taking positive actions to change or resolve any situations in your life that had formerly generated your negative feelings. Instead of passively experiencing negative things in your life, you will become a powerful and effective generator of positive changes leading you to the life you always wanted for yourself.

Through hypnosis you will have the subconscious beliefs and resources to effectively deal with any new emotional issues that may come up and drive you to reach for food.

Please call Bergen County, NJ Advanced Hypnosis Center at 551-252-4904 and schedule a hypnotherapy to eliminate emotional eating session  that you only eating when you are physically hungry.

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